Beyond Books: French Immersion Home Literacy

As an Early French Immersion teacher, I speak to parents each year who struggle to read in French at home with their children due to a variety of reasons including, their children are reluctant to read with them in French; as English-speaking parents they do not feel comfortable with correct French pronunciation; and they are unsure of how to help their children read in a second language. The purpose of this blog is to provide families with a new way of looking at home literacy, encouraging them to go beyond printed books to support learning at home.  Although I want my students to continue to read books, I also want them to feel engaged and empowered in their reading skills by having the opportunity to learn and practice their French language skills in a variety of ways.  I want parents to feel they have tools at their disposal to help their children read at their level and ability at home.  I hope you will enjoy the many activities I have found to support French Immersion Home Literacy! 


Mme Sarah



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