Learning Through Song

Learning through song can be engaging for all children and especially those who love music!  As well, songs give words a rhythm that can make them more memorable.  When reading through song at home, you can still use many of the same reading strategies you would use with a book!  Talk about the pictures, the characters, the setting, and the beginning, middle and end aspects of the song. Talk about words your child recognizes and words they need to figure out.  Discuss words containing sounds learned throughout the year.  The following two sites have lots of songs to sing together.

Below is a great YouTube site, created by Sylvia Duckworth, with songs accompanied by PowerPoint slides.  Students in my class love reading along with the words, and the pictures enhance understanding.  The link here allows you to access many songs through the “Playlist” tab at the top left.  I recommend going to Mme Duckworth’s YouTube site and exploring it as you can access many songs (and even a few books) through the “Videos” or the “Channels” tab and she provides links to other great sites too.

Comptines.TV  Another great site with lots of songs that highlight the words as they are sung.  Songs are arranged alphabetically; choose the songs with the film icon next to them as these are the ones that are shown as a video with pictures and lyrics.



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