Online Books

The goal with this section of my blog is to promote access to some free audio books in French.  Audio books are great resources for French Immersion parents who have children struggling to read in French or who do not feel comfortable reading to their children as they do not know how to pronounce the words.  Although I have not been able to find a large selection of free audio books, the following three sites are a great way to explore listening to reading in French with your child.  Under the Educational Apps Tab of this site, I have included two Apps that allow you to purchase audio books; don’t forget your public or school library may also have books on CD that your child can sign out.

Tumble Books  Tumble Books is an online library program available to schools and public libraries; however, they have a selection of free books as part of their “Free Preview”. This link should take you to the right place but if not, click on the tab at the top right corner to change it to “français” and go to “démo gratuite”. Click on “livres pour enfants” for access to 4 books at an Elementary school level.

The Bookboxinc YouTube site below has 20 stories in French that are shown as videos with subtitles.  You can access them all by clicking the “Playlist” tab at the top left.

Il était une histoire  This site contains many books, songs, and poems in French; however, many of these are advanced for younger students.  In order to access the audio features of this site, you must sign up (it is free).  Once registered, the best tabs for elementary-aged students are “Albums et histories” and “Comptines et chansons”.  There are many ways to “read” the books and songs; “lire l’histoire avec une aide” highlights the words as they are read aloud and allows the child to “turn the page”.  The “Jeux” section is also great!


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