Educational Apps

Smartphones and tablets are becoming increasingly popular as educational tools.  Both at school and at home, children enjoy spending time on these devices and a market of educational Apps has emerged that can make screen time both fun and educational.  The goal of this page is to share Apps that I have found that promote developing French literacy skills in engaging ways.

Jeux Pour Lire  This is a great App that is best suited to children who would benefit from exercises to practice sound recognition in words and “chunking” words according to syllable.  It is designed as an amusement park and the sounds, colours, and interactive games are very engaging.  The games and directions are all in French; however, after spending some time with the App, the goal of the activities becomes apparent and children can become independent in using it quite quickly.  Although there is a lite version available, I would recommend paying for the complete version as it has more words to practice at each level.  The cost is $4.59.

Passeport CP  This  App is designed to practice a variety of French language skills at the elementary school level, particularly reading skills.  It is laid out like a book, containing seven chapters or levels that unfold as activities are completed. Children read along with directions and parts of the story that are all spoken aloud, making this App an excellent tool for students who benefit from hearing as well as seeing text.  Again this App is delivered solely in French and I recommend purchasing the full version at the cost of $5.79.

French Word Wizard  This is an interactive spelling App that has the benefit of allowing families to practice ready-made French word lists or create their own lists to practice weekly words given by teachers.  This is an excellent tool for learning and practicing sight words, which are an important part of developing reading fluency.  Directions and settings are in English, making it easy for parents to help their children use this App.  An additional feature is the interactive alphabet; letter sounds are spoken aloud as words are created.  This is a more interactive and engaging way to learn and practice words, something I know families already take time for at home, and costs $4.59.

French Words for Kids  This App was developed by L’Escapadou, the same company that created French Word Wizard and has many of the same great features such as giving directions in English.  This is another interactive spelling App with a variety of ways to practice spelling words including by theme, by focusing on one sound, and by level of difficulty.  Again pictures and letter sounds provide engagement and support for learners.  The user cannot create their own word lists; however, this App contains 240 words and is a fun way to practice reading and writing words in French.  The cost is $4.59.

J’aime Lire Store and Mes Histoires Nathan  These two Apps are free to download and provide access to online books; books must be paid for and cost $3.49 and up on both sites.  Although purchasing books this way can be expensive, I have recommended these Apps on my blog because most of the books are available with audio, making them accessible to readers and families of many levels and abilities.


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