Online Games

Online games can be a great option for parents and children in French Immersion to learn, practice, and read French together.  These games are all available online for free!  I have specifically found games that promote and encourage reading in French either through sound practice or reading words and sentences.  Many of the games have an audio component as this fits with my mandate of providing students and their families with more universally designed tools for reading together.

Languages Online  This site covers basic, useful topics (such as numbers to 100, food, and parts of the body) and the instructions are all in English!  It is fully audio and includes games that range from completing sentences, to labelling words, to various puzzles.  Explore its many choices with your child!

French Games  This site is again laid out in English and by topic.  There is both a Beginner and Intermediate Page and users can choose to practice words or sentences.  There are tutorials, games, and tests to practice language; as there are several tabs to navigate, this is a good one for parents and children to do together.

ABC de Babar  This is a simple site that brings to life illustrations by the creator of Babar; the goal is to find the objects that begin with the given letter of the alphabet (the number of objects to find are written at the bottom of the page).  Children can easily explore this site on their own.  When correct parts of the illustration are clicked, the word is shown and spoken aloud.  Some of these words are more advanced, depending on the page.

Maxetom  The Maxetom site is laid out by sound and recommends that the user follows the order given; within each sound is a series of six games.  This site is completely in French; as a result, some parents and children may find it a bit difficult to navigate at first.  Although there is an audio component, it is often following the activity to reinforce the sound and not to help with understanding.  This is a good site but will take some navigating!

Apprendre à Lire  This is another great site for practicing sounds, especially those we teach in Grade 2.  There are both online and printable activities.  Although the site suggests following the sounds in order, it is possible to choose the sound to work on.

Du Plaisir à Lire  This is a fun and interactive site with activities appropriate for early French Immersion students; however, there is no audio component.

Les Éditions Scolartek  This site offers a variety of games to practice both math and language concepts in French.  Again, there is no audio component; however I included this site because of the variety of games that, once figured out, are fun and can be completed independently by students.


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